Hospital Photoshoot with JBM: The Sweetheart and the Creep

Back in the Hospital

So I'm back here again, I came last night around 7 pm and haven't written anything because I've been having the most horrible stomach aches ever. Thank goodness for medication for that (they don't even need to ask the doctor).

At home I first just sat down because it was so much work getting all the packages addressed to me and all the food we'd just bought to get in the house and I was exhausted. Billie was dancing around me and she was so unbelievably happy to see me. She doesn't do that big of a dance with just dad around, so I'm definitely her mommy.

After a while of just sitting there I made us lunch. Well "made" us lunch, cause I just turned the oven on and stuck in jalapenopoppers, mozzarellasticks and some weird red chilli cream cheese things which are delicious. After eating way way too much, I went upstairs to open the packages. I got two from EMP.fi and had been waiting for them for a while now. In the first one was two bedsheet things - one with comic book sound effects and one with Duff beer on it, and also the dress I'll wear on my birthday. It's so beautiful - galaxy print, heart cut back and v-cut front. I love it so much!
In the second one were shorts with these clasp things that you can attach socks to, a way too small lolita skirt and really lovely red glitter leggings. I took them here with me.

Then I just slept. Just slept. Untill it was time to leave and come back here, but it was still so worth it.


I get to go home!

Well not quite, but I do get to go home for the day, then come back for the night and then again go home for the day. It's amazing for me, I've missed our house and Billie and everything so so much that  I can't even believe it!

But this also means that I won't be posting anything during my stay at home, so if I'm too tired to post something in the evening when I get back here, don't wait for anything  before Monday.

I really hope this works out....since I'm still wearing adult diapers...tmi.

Hospital Photoshoot with JBM: Lonely


Horrendous and Wonderful Day

My day started just like that - it was horrendous. My stomach ached like mad, everything hurt and I could barely get a word out of  my mouth because I was in such a haze and my mouth so dry and somehow my tongue too big for my mouth, if you know what I mean?

I had the examination called ENMG today, which is to check that my nerves are fine, and thank goodness the doctor was so sweet, because I told him about my stomach problems and that I was actually wearing a diaper, so he only checked the big nerves that he said would get damaged first if any were damaged. And I got a clean bill of health from him, no nerve damage whatsoever.

But my stomach would nnot let it go, and I ended up sleeping till about two pm when my old friend Jessi came with her son to meet me and do some energy healing. She's been practicing and she was amazing. She took away the pain in both my knees and my ankles and we had such a blast together.
We also took some photos, so I'll show them to you in another post!

Hospital Photoshoot with JBM: The Child and Her Teddy


What a Day and Some Bohemian Inspiration

So today was eventful to say the least. I woke up at 7 am as per usual in a hospital, but in such a haze that I spent the entire morning eyes half closed and my speech slurring. It was like I was still asleep. Before noon I had two visitors: my psychiatrist and my psychiatric nurse. So I spent most of my time slurring about my feelings and about how my medication is affecting me, which probably did not seem very nice to either visitor. They both mentioned my sleepiness quite a few times.

At noon, when all the doctors had come and gone (I forgot to ask about a days worth of leave from hospital just to see my dog, but I'll try and remember that tomorrow...), I decided I really needed some more sleep, so I basically passed out on my bed, whilst checking some lovely dresses on Backstreet and woke up in another daze when my photographer Jari B Miettinen came in to the room and with a loud voice said "Hello Frankie". I mean I knew he was coming, I just didn't think I'd sleep for two whole hours then.

So the idea was that with Jari we'd take a good long photoshoot in the hospital, show some of the feelings that come out when staying in a hospital and such. And it was amazing, amazing I tell you, but the funniest part was that by the last set of photos, the hospital priest came in ('cause she had promised to come that day) and stayed watching us do the last set. I think she was quite intrigued by what we were doing, since the last set was quite sinister and brought up a lot of feelings in me.

Anyway, we came up to eight different sets, which I'm going to share to you all in eight different posts, so be on the lookout for them! I seriously mean eight (8) different posts for these photos from this photoshoot, because there was just that much material to work with!
I really hope you'll like them and comment, constructive criticism is always welcome, especially with a  amateur model like me!
So good night everyone and you'll get the first set tomorrow!

Selfiemania: Glitter Eyeliner and Curls

It's nice sometimes to do something special  to oneself in a hospital, so I decided to put some make up one when my dear friend Lucretia came to visit me. Some of these photos are taken by her, some by myself.
The curls in my hair I got from having a french braid in my hair for the night, that's why one side is more curly than the other...what a shame.