Make Up Project: Make Up of the Day 3.3.2014

Products used:
Glamour Doll Eyes Fire breather
Cien foundation 01 Ivory

Knitting Mania! For Sale!

All but the first red one are for sale too!

The slightly more difficult blog challenge!

A slightly more difficult challenge!
This is a 15 days challenge, to truthfully tell of your own day every day for fifteen days.
You have to take a photo of these things:
+ You have to tell about the main points of your day!

As the challenge begins the following day, you have to answer to these 20 questions truthfully today.

1. What’s your horoscope? Sagittarius or Chinese Horse
2. Can you lie? Yes, quite well actually
3. Do you consider yourself trustworthy? Yes I do, but I’m not the one to judge that
4. Why did you start blogging? I needed it as therapy as I was in hospital AGAIN
5. Are you happy? In and out of happiness but right now, I’m exceedingly happy! I’m in love you see.
6. Do you regret something very much? Yes. I regret my answer to my first boyfriend.
7. Money or love? Love!
8. Happiness or health? Health – with health comes happiness
9. When you are alone, you are cold. You take your phone, who do you call? Quite a weird question so I’ll give a weird answer: Myself.
10. What is your wildest dream? To live in Fidzi
11. Search the internet for your daily horoscope: (Sagittarius now)
“Boredom and restlessness may plague you today, Sagittarius. You could feel the need to break loose from the ties that bind you to mundane affairs, to run away and seek adventure, although you aren't certain what kind of adventure! The walls may be closing around you at home and on the job. You might want to plan some kind of outing for an upcoming weekend in order to give yourself a needed break.”
12. Do you feel jealous of others? Sometimes, but mostly I’m happy for people even if they are doing better than me.
13. What would be the dream you? Healthy, fit and without antidepressants
14. Imagine yourself in 10 years, where are you, what would you do? I would be the editor for Donald Duck magazines in Europe <3 also I’d have a husband and a kid or two…
15. Biggest plan for next Summer? Going to Toronto! Seeing Lake Eerie and the Niagara Falls <3
16. When did you cry last? Just now when I read about a mistreated dog…
17. Why do people have relationships even when they complain how difficult it is to be in one? I can’t answer that as I’ve never felt that.
18. Are you dating? Kinda I suppose…
19. Do you want  to get married? Some day, yes.
20. What do you think of this challenge? It sounds extremely interesting though utterly definitely most ardently a challenge, I don’t know if I have the stuff to make this happen!

Add five photos that mean a lot to you:
(I'm using old photos from my DeviantArt for this if you're wondering)

Thank the person who challenged you and describe their blog with three words:
I was challenged by Myrika of http://myrikanluutakomero.blogspot.fi, she’s a lovely young lady with a great taste and interesting posts. Mysterious, beautiful and kind.

Tag 15 other blogs which I am again not going to do - if you feel like doing this challenge, go ahead and link to me when you decide to start!