Fitocracy - I just LOVE it

Before I spent time on my computer all day long, I couldn't be bothered with Fitocracy since it needs constant updating on progress, but now that I write my blog anyway every day, and thus spend time online, I noticed I just love the programme! It gives me much more inspiration and motivation for exercise than anything else, I can do easy stuff and hard stuff and I always get points for them, no matter what.

Today I levelled myself up to level 5, which isn't much, but for one single day's home exercising it's a hell of a lot for me! So I'm really glad I have this motivation now and feel like doing this. I hope it lasts too, because I've gained weight (no muscles) rather than losing it (and gaining muscles...) so this is an excellent way to get that sorted out.

I do need to buy some new weights though, I only have 2 kg and 5 kg weights, and I desperately need bigger weights if I plan on doing this more!

Four Places I'd Love to Visit

1. Iceland

2. New Zealand

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

All photos from Tumblr.

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4 Green

This was super easy as I was wearing a green cardigan, have green eyes and green hair. So you're just gonna see a whole lot of me again. Sorry. I also put some yellowish green eyeliner on just for these photos.

Outfit of the Day 31.1.2014

Jeggings New Yorker, t-shirt Osiris Clothing, cardigan Gina Tricot and lace jacket KappAhl.