Geo Coloured Lenses and MOTD

So I ended up buying these lovely lenses from http://www.geocolouredlenses.com/ together with green lenses. Both are at -1,75 so I can actually see something, which is awesome and they are surprisingly comfy on me. I usually use these one month day and night lenses which don't need to be taken out for the night, 'cause I'm just way too lazy to put lenses on every morning, so it took me a while to get these on. I'm  just way out of practice.  But when I got them on, they're just unbelievably comfortable!
They also definitely change my eyecolour, as you'll see from the photos. Really a worth while investment in my opinion! As you can see, my eyecolour is a shade of green, so the green lenses will just enhance the colour, rather than change it. But these violet lenses are really awesome!