The Day After Pain

Yesterday evening was dreadful and I cried out of pain for hours on end, but today has been so much better. So so much better.
I had an examination that required quite a bit of preparation, but it went well and took longer than expected, which of course was annoying. My nurses for the day were absolutely lovely, I have no bad word against them - especially my evening nurse is such a bubbly happy personality that I immediately become happy as well.

Tomorrow some of my relatives are coming to visit me, which is amazing, since I see them way too seldom and I love them to pieces (escpecially their little boy whose the smartest kid I've ever met and sure I'm biased but it's still true). Today my godmother came and I missed her so much already and it hadn't even been that long since we last saw each other. I love my family.

Hopefully one day this week my school project team is going to come here and film my part of our video presentation (me acting all drugged up and sick and mumbling words referring to finances, I love being the comic relief).

Next week is going to be hectic. On Monday if all goes well, I'll have a little photoshoot here in the hospital with Mr. Miettinen, who has photographed me before many times and is eager to test these kinds of surroundings. And on Wednesday I'll have my ENMG which is to check if my nerve pathways are healthy or not and if my pain is nerve related or not. Also in the evening an old friend of mine from school might come and help me with some energy healing (she's taken courses and everything), and though I'm sceptic towards things like that, I've been in the hospital now for over a month and I need to keep my mind open and let people help me. At least they can't do any harm, so what would be the point in not trying, right?

Also, eating veggie meals in the hospital is the best thing ever, the meals are just so much better without that crappy meat! I'm loving this lacto-ovo-vegetarianism.

Inspiration for my new diet

When I get out of the hospital that is. And it won't be a diet in the sense that I'll stop it at some point, it will last as long as I am too poor to afford ethical meat. (In my mind ethical, doesn't need to conform to your views of ethics). Except for that one Christmas duck. That is a tradition I won't give up. Otherwise me and my dad will have no traditions at all. Just the Christmas datura plants, which is already sad enough, since they don't look their best during the holiday season.

Inspiration: Alexander McQueen

I've always been inspired by two designers in particular - Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. Sure they both go way over the top as they are high fashion designers, but I like taking inspiration from their looks. Here's a few from McQueen, I thought were inspiration-worthy: