Rave Rave Rave

When it's time, I love to party.
When it's time, I love to mosh.
When it's time, I love to headbang.
When it's time, I love to scream out your lyrics, your names, your thoughts, just scream.
When it's time, I love to be tranced by your imagination.
When it's time, I am in a trance by you and your love.
When it's time, I need that all.
When it's time, I rave.

All photos from Tumblr as usual.

Wanting a curly head

Now I have quite short hair so I can't braid it all that well, but I'd love to have beautiful braids for a while so I could for once have really curly hair! This is basically as curly as they get, which isn't much, it's just a huge fluff ball, nothing more. I hate blow drying...

I feel like a mermaid...

...in my wet green hair. Sun shining into me.

My Prawn Cocktail Recipe

First of all, this cocktail contains small amounts of alcohol, but is not really a drinkable cocktail, unless you like drinking whole shrimps.

You will need:
- shrimps
- creme fraiche
- ketchup
- tabasco
- dark rhum or brandy (very little)
- salt&pepper

You will need to do:
- mix everything together and eat with whatever you feel like eating it with!

Haute Couture: Elie Saab

30 Day No Candy Challenge!

I'm going to give up on all things sugary for a month now. I eat way too much candy and cookies and stuff like that, that I need a bit of a cleanse. I won't eat candy, cookies, leckerli or anything of the sort, just savoury foods.
I'll also try my best to keep away from alcohol since I have so many meds that can cause side effects with alcohol.

So here goes, day one of my no no candy!

Photos all from Tumblr.

30 Day Challenges!