I ♥ Lights

I've always been a fan of good lighting, and I'm an avid fan of choosing different types of lighting for different types of rooms: for example very cold clear, almost natural sunlight kind of light for the bathroom so you see all your flaws (easier to cover them up) and then more warm tones of light in the living room where the ambiance should be relaxed, rather than energetic.
But here you have some beautiful lights from Tumblr:

I know it's still November.......but Christmas!

I love Christmas so much, I start gathering up presents for people very soon after stores have stockpiled on their Christmas-y junk. Then it's easy to find wrapping paper and stuff ike that. This year I'm way behind schedule, big surprise since I'm in hospital.
This year I'm also going to buy some new ornaments, something really pretty. Or and beautiful garlands. And lights! I want to put lots of Christmas lights in my room for some winter ambiance,

Here's some inspiration: