Today's thoughts on sushi, fangirling and diet

I had a wonderful day today.
I skipped my class to listen to a panel discussion about religion. Which ended up being one of the most boring panel discussions I have ever heard. It also brought a lot of thoughts to my mind about last night but yeah it was dull so we skipped the rest of the panel and went to eat SUSHI.

It was fantastic. It also ruined my day's dieting which brings me to the next point of the day:
1. When I diet, I notice feeling slightly light-headed. Good since I used to eat way too much and now it's normal
2. When I get light-headed - I start fangirling. No seriously, I become a little teenager going "OMIGODHE'SSOHOT" while scrolling through Tumblr. It's kinda worrying since ordinarily I'm not like, I'm not a huuuuge fan of anything, and I feel a bit too old to be going this crazy about a person I'll probably never meet. Though good God do I want to meet them!

Wanna know who's on my list of 'letsgetcrazyexcitedaboutasinger'?
Well I'll show you anyways.


Alright and end this weird rant there's two songs:
One from fangirlinducingguy #1 Machine Gun Kelly (song's a cover version with Kellin Quinn: Swing Life Away)
And one from fangirlinducingguy #2 Oliver Sykes, singer of Bring Me the Horizon (song's Deathbeds)

Tomorrow I'll have some actual photos for you! Oh stuff and me! Oh yay finally I'm photographing something again jeez it's been so long.