You are the smell before rain, you are the blood in my veins

Alice in Psycholand

All photos from Tumblr.

Look what the cat (or no, the postman) dragged in today

Find your inner geek t-shirt from DAs peter pan syndrome's webshop and jeans from Backstreet

dress from River Island

Painting and glueing: DIY Cabochon Pendants

So here is a non-step-by-step intro to diying your own pendants. You can buy cabochons (the little glass thingies) and the pendant parts from etsy or similar sites. Then all you need is some paint or in this case nail polish and a hot glue gun. I suppose any heavy duty glue would do, so choose your own preference!

The many outfits for a band t-shirt

My Asking Alexandria t-shirt paired with jeggings from New Yorker, jeans from ONLY, a handmade lolita skirt and H&M faux leather shorts. Also my H&M knee high socks and my Irish lucky shamrock socks. Cardigans are from Ellos and KappAhl.

More pastel goth inspiration!

Selfiemania and my new short hair