Hi I'm Frankie, or well that's just my nickname. I'm 23 years old now, a student of English philology (that's language and literature, not some weird form of philosophy) and currently on a small sabbatical.
I am a heart transplant patient, have been for nearly 12 years, and have had no problems with my transplant. With my medication and viruses yes, I even got lymphoma as a result of EBV. So at the moment I'm not only a transplant patient, I'm also a cancer survivour.
Which kind of explains why I'm taking a small leave of absence from school. I'm not doing too well mentally, and it feels like all the walls I've carefully built over the years are now crumbling on top of me and I need some time to get the place (my head) sorted out again.

My blog at the moment is very much me, I find it very therapeutic. So enjoy and ask any question you like answering, I'm not one for hiding things. Ask! 


  1. I just popped in your blog and just wanted to said hello! My heart transplant is also made 12 years ago!

    Terkuin, Dee :)