Christmas and Birthday Coming Up

I know I haven't written in a while, it's due to feeling extremely badly - first with stomach aches and now with a pounding head ache.

However, tomorrow they should do the biopsy and hopefully I'll get to spend next weekend with friends at home cause it's my birthday on Sunday! My doctors promised they'd do everything to get me to go home that weekend.

I can't wait for Christmas even though I may have to spend it here. Unlikely but still. I'd love to go home and eat duck with my dad! Not getting any presents yet, since my only Christmas present will be a PS4 and we'll go buy that together after the holiday craze is over.


  1. I hope you get to go home soon ! Hugs!

  2. Dear blogger, sadly Fränzi / Frankie Savage passed away on Tuesday 23rd December. I spoke to her farther today (we are related) and he said that she had lost her battle to the illness. She was hopeful and full of plans for her future. We are very sad. R.I.P dear Fränzi / Frankie Savage

    1. Rest in peace Frankie. My deepest condolences to family and friends. So very sad indeed.

  3. Lepää rauhassa kaunis enkeli <3

  4. Thank you to 'anonymous' for letting Frankie's blog readers know this devastating news. (I had checked here a few times over the Christmas holidays to see if she had posted since 8th Dec - and was concerned to see she hadn't - but did not think to check the comments here until today).

    To Frankie's family and friends, nothing I can say could possibly be adequate. My heart goes out to everyone who knew and loved her; I'm so very, very sorry that she is no longer with you.
    She was a young woman of such tremendous courage, resilience, hopes and plans. Her bright spark and beautiful spirit will be so very sadly missed.

    The song that has come into my head as I type this is 'Among Angels' by Kate Bush. These lines in particular:

    "I can see angels standing around you.
    They shimmer like mirrors in Summer.
    But you don't know it.
    And they will carry you o'er the walls.
    If you need us, just call…"

    It's a beautiful song. For beautiful Frankie.

  5. A heaven got a rock ' n roll angel.
    Your odyssey is over. Sleep in peace. <3

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