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New Year's OOTD

Excuse for the lighting and the lack of proper posing, haha.

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Tolkien Tattoo Ideas

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Elvish Tattoos

What do you think about Elvish tattoos or Tolkien tattoos in general?

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✩ ✩ New Year's Resolutions ✩ ✩

As the year 2014 is about to begin, I need to put myself some goals for this year. I have had such a year before, that now I want to really focus and try this out. I don't really usually go for promises I don't know if I can keep, but I'd love to try this out at least once. So here are my 10 resolutions for the year 2014:

1. Lose at least 10 kilos

2. Try to work on not being afraid of hospitals - they are your friends

3. Be a better person towards others - don't make others feel bad on purpose

4. Join the gym in Sipoo

5. Go wandering and travel more

6. Visit friends and family in Switzerland again

7. Get into your desired educational facility

8. Learn a new language

9. Find one new friend

10. Get things sorted out with my ex

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That awkward moment when...

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✩ My 2013 ✩

- nothing much happened in January, except for meeting lovely new friends and having a blast.
- noticed my first stomach symptoms

- stomach symptoms continued
- went to Italy 

- was in Italy for a week
- came back home and was admitted into hospital because of severe stomach pain
- stayed in hospital for slightly over a month

- was in hospital
- got diagnosed with PTLD (post transplatic lymphoproliferative disease) or more commonly: cancer
- got out of hospital and into post-hospital care

- sick leave
- started feeling better
- partying

- Switzerland for two weeks
- got more diseases and spent another week and a half in hospital

- started getting panic attacks from hospitals
- stayed in hospital three times for one night
- Switzerland, where I met some of the loveliest people and saw some old pals <3
- was extremely suicidal

- got home again from Switzerland, because of panic attacks
- saw a shrink who helped nothing
- was depressed to the point where I told my dad to hide everything that I could use for suicide

- started tutoring at my university, had something in my life to keep me going
- started feeling better about my mental health

- England

- came back from England
- got admitted to hospital for high fever
- spent three weeks in hospital
- got together with my ex

- got anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication as well as sedatives
- had to put down my best friend, my beautiful collie Bali

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