I workout so I can keep up with the Doctor

Finally managed to take some pictures and hey here's my favourite items I shopped for these past months! Aren't they just awesome? It's so awesome going to the gym in these and flaunting your NERDINESS for everyone to see! Love 'em.

Also my email doesn't want to work right now, so if you want to know where they were from, just ask in a comment and I'll get to you as soon as I get my email working! Because the store confirmation is in my email if you're wondering.
They were $50, no shipping, and a bit over 4€ as customs taxes.

Yesterday, I bought two lipsticks from KICKS in Helsinki. One black one and one two-tone one with a side that's golden and the other silver! It's so awesome and looks so dreadful on me. I doubt I'll use them much, but it is lovely having them. They're fun. Maybe for Halloween?

Just look how horrible the gold/silver one looks! I look completely dead and the green eyeshadow isn't helping! Rather fantastic, rather disgusting.

Also that's how much my hair has grown! It's almost to my shoulders! I can't wait for it to actually grow even longer.

Why do I always do this?

So about two months ago I dyed my hair again - bright red. It was fine for a few days, but I realised that it was way way too orange for my liking, so I bought a new dye. And it ended up a dark magenta.
Okay, I'm quite happy with the colour, it's really pretty.
However, I still have no idea why I keep dyeing my hair red when I really really want green hair again! I mean seriously need to have green hair. I think about it most days and it's really frustrating 'cause it's so unimportant and yet so constant in my mind.
Have to dye again.

Anyway, I used a few Directions colours for the red (no pics I'm afraid): vermillion and fire and a third I can't remember. For the pink one it was rose red, which isn't that pink but it ended up being really pink in my hair. I used the Directions bleaching kit for the first time and I was constantly afraid my hair would fall off but everything went perfectly fine and looked good. Took a lot less time too to bleach!

The rose red I used is a bit of a hassle though. For some reason it doesn't want to stay in my hair whatsoever, everything in our house is pink now! If I so much as brush my fingers through my hair, my hand is so pink that it stains everything I touch! It's horrible. Absolutely horrible. And this is definitely the first time something like this happens.
Although it might be because I don't wash my hair as often during autumn and winter, since it's pretty cold and it's so uncomfortable in the cold shower. And my hair doesn't bleed for like a day after I wash it, so it might be caused by oil in the scalp. I don't know. It's annoying anyhow!

Here's what I'd love to have: