Today's thoughts and partying

So today I spent with shoveling snow and doing other workouts for my Fitocracy account (I'm Frankie Savage there as well if you wanna find me) and going to the 3rd Anniversary Infektio Club event. It's a aggrotech sort of event, I don't actually exactly know what's going to be played since I want it to be a surprise, but it is cyber goth-y anyways.

From Infektio clubs Facebook site

I'm so looking forward to this, although I'm crap at being in bars alone and I'm terrified of dancing without being a. alone or b. very drunk. But I'm going to try and make the most of it, at least I'll try and get a few photos out of the event and I can't wait to wear my outfit. I chose my faux leather highwaist trousers, my DIY biohazard top and a lace cardigan. Oh I love clubbing! So excited!

I'm also going to have another photoshoot next week on Wednesday. This one is during the day, so we'll be working with natural sunlight! I just can't wait!
I'm also seeing my therapist on Monday again, and the week after that we'll have a session with both me and my dad, which is really good, because we are dealing with similar issues when it comes to mental health, and it's really good if both our problems get solved together rather than separately!

What do you think about partying/clubbing? Do you like to go out and dance? What kind of music do  you prefer in clubs?

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 5 From a High Angle

I'm now going to show you our staircase (or well one of them, we have quite a few, it's a big house). The dark stripe on the wall is, I know this is disgusting, from our dog(s) running downstairs, they leave a trail of doggy sweat and dirt on it. And yes, that's my drawing of a dinosaur with sheep.

Selfiemania: Make Up of the Day 1.2.2014

Eyeshadow used: Geek Chic Cosmetics - You Know Who

500 Posts!

I've been going at this for only a few months and now I've logged in my fivehundredth post! Jees how quickly time and energy goes!

I love you all who read my blog and I hope that you'll continue on as readers, though I am annoyingly efficent with posting new things!

From Tumblr

Blogparade: Behind the Scenes!

Diana of kleinstadtprinzessin.de  +Madame Diana has announced a blog parade to show what it looks like behind the scenes in a bloggers life. I decided it would be great fun to participate and here we are! I'm going to show you photos of my blogging areas and the things I use to show you guys what I want to show whenever I feel like it. Which you is rather often.

Here is my old laptop (have a new one, just haven't photographed it yet, maybe later today!) where I watch Stargate when I'm doing something else with my time, i.e taking photos for blogging and working out!

Here is my box of Stargate Atlantis and Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, which I ordinarily use to highten my camera off the ground so I can take better self portraits!

This is our dining room (excuse the dog-ruined floor) where I try to take most of my outfit photos, since the table is in the right position and the door is white. We also really love books.

I mean really really love books. This is sort of the angle I use for the photos!

This is my table PC, which  I use for blogging, since it's the only one that's mine AND has internet (my laptop is not connected to the worldwideweb). I have the Carina Nebula as my screen! I just love Hubble photos! On my laptop (the old one) I have "Communism, it's a party" with such a cute Karl Marx <3

Also I try to think about blog posts a day before, but it doesn't always work, so I sometimes figure something out the day I'm writing. Like today I'll be posting some make up things and whatnot, but I haven't figured out yet what sort of make up I'll be doing.

I use a Canon Eos 500D for all my photos, except the mobile phone ones (I have a Nokia Lumia 625), and it's been an awesome camera for many years now! I just love Canon cameras, I do prefer them over other brands.

If you'd like to ask anything about how and where I blog, please feel free! I love comments and I love questions, so please do ask something <3