Bedroom dilemmas and slanted ceilings

Behind the biggest part of my bedroom lies a sort of walk-in-closet, however, it's filled with stuff and needs to be cleared out, since none of it is mine and I want to use the space for storage. I also feel that the way it's been used thus far for storage is really ineffective and leaves a lot of space to use! So I want to redo the entire thing. It also needs new wallpapers or at least a dash of paint (looks dreadful inside, you'll soon see). So I've been looking through some ideas of using a slanted ceiling area for storage. Sadly it's too small for most of the ideas, but they're a way of giving me hints as to what I'm going to do.

If you have any ideas of your own you'd like to share, or you've had similar trouble in the past, because most old houses in Finland do have a slanted ceiling area on the upper floor (plus an attic on a third floor), so you may be able to give some ideas for me. So comment away!


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  2. Hi Frankie,
    I have a shallow loft bedroom and use old pine chests for under the slope and taller narrow chest of drawers, bedside chests and smaller for the angled bit from Argos I am still painting them white. My builder made a storage cupboard on the slanting side with the doors facing towards the centre.