Second Day of Christmas: Tulle and Snowflakes Wreath DIY

My second day of DIY Christmas ideas, this time a wreath made of tulle and glittery snowflakes. Now for this one there's no tutorial, but there's plenty of pictures (one I snapped from Pinterest) so you'll know what it's supposed to look like.
I'm going to give you a little hint how it may be possible to make:
You need a hell of a lot of tulle, at least three metres. And you need some band, preferable not elastic and preferable quite wide to connect the tulle to the band, so that it folds properly.
Then you need either ready glittery snowflakes, or snowflakes and glue and glitter (or just glitter glue). And there you are!

A Fish Who Likes Flowers

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  1. Hi Frankie... my name is Melissa and I am from Ohio, USA. I happened on your site because of the slanted roof dilema. I have the same problem. The house I live in is over 100 years old and the attic has a slanted roof. Not sure what to do with it at this point. I like some of the suggestions you had. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas!