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I really want a fag.
I'm not the kind of person who regrets things.
I'm not the kind of person to cry suddenly.
I'm not the kind of person who shows weakness under pressure.
But I am the kind of person who does those things in private.
I regret, I cry and I break down in to tiny little pieces of something that never was right.
I really want a fag.

Selfie time again and some MOTD

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10 000 views blog giveaway!

I notice my Blogger is telling me that my blog has gotten 10 000 views in its small existence so now I'm doing a giveaway. I will give you a small set of rules for this giveaway but first for the prizes:

The winner will get a package of wild orchid scented candles, kitten&knuckleduster earrings and a black nail polish with leather effect! Cool right? ^___^

1. You must comment on this post
2. Your comment must have reasons for why exactly YOU should win this giveaway (doesn't have to be long, short reasons are good too)
3. Be imaginative, I like a good story!

Good luck!

Cuteness Overload III: Billie the Belly Scratch Dog

Mandala Tattoos

All photos are from Tumblr.

Haute Couture: Thierry Mugler 1997

Photos from Tumblr.

Photos from Tumblr.

Haute Couture: Zuhair Murad

Photos from Tumblr.

Easy and Difficult Home Workouts