Piercings and Blue Make Up

I did myself a labret today to the horror of my dad (he hates piercings even more than tattoos) and I am so in love with it. It's a bit of a thing to get used to, since I keep biting it when I eat, but once it's healed a bit and I  can change it to a shorter one it'll be okay. Or maybe a ring, I don't know yet.

For the make up I used Geek Chic Cosmetics eyeshadows Mohawk Warthog and Anarchist Priest, Lumene Natural Code mascara and an old pale beige shiny lipstick I have no idea of the brand.

So what do you think? Does the labret suit me? What do you think about piercings in general?

Photoshoot with Jari B Miettinen part 2

This dress was actually an old nightgown of my mum's but I turned it into a halterneck summer dress. It's really flowy and wonderful to wear when it's really warm outside. I especially love wearing it with the red belt.

Bohemian Inspiration

All photos are from Tumblr.

DIY Lace top and burgundy velvet shorts

I sewed the lace top and the velvet shorts or hotpants yesterday evening and hush hush took a photo. So try to ignore my neon green sports bra underneath!