Thinking of dyeing my hair green...again?

I had green hair once and it was fabulous. I'm really considering doing it again, but in a slightly darker mode. Maybe go from dark green to mint slowly over time. I don't know yet...

tonight's music, the mind can change

Falling in Reverse - The Drug in me is You

Falling in Reverse - I'm not a Vampire

Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon

Black Veil Brides - "Knives and Pens"

The Evening of Philosophers

i've noticed
noticed well
that now that i take
those happy pills
the pills that
make me do this
instead of something
my happy pills
they make me
do this
over the importance of unimportance
and i wish
that my happy pills
lasted forever
for all i have left
without them
is sadness
i never want to leave
the side of my happy pills
the evening of my philosophy
the evening of philosophers

Food diary of 8.12.2013

2 cups of coffee

1 cup of coffee
1 protein bar (medium)

½ cucumber

Alltogether: 250 kcal (yes I know it's too little but I have no appetite)

4 x 10 crunches
4 x 10 bridges
3 x 10 bicep pushups
2 x 10 tricep pushups
5 minute stretching
10 minute yoga
5 minutes of random dancing while sitting

Highwaisted everything!

If you haven't noticed, I'm sure you haven't, I have a huge thing for highwaisted clothes. All kinds of highwaisted clothes. And here's a few photos of some that I really enjoyed finding:

My favourite <3

Ninth Day of Christmas: Angel feather rings DIY

This one is sort of beyond me, but here you go. These are quite popular (or were) in Scandinavian countries back in the day. And the in my opinion horrid angels can be found in Finland everywhere.
Original found here: Casa Katrine

Today's DIY: Midcalf ripped jeans

I had the inspiration today to do something to my old black jeans that don't really fit well anymore, they're a bit too big, but still not big enough to use as baggy jeans, so, I decided to rip them up and make them into something new. I'm still going to take the seams in a bit, so they're a bit more skintight.

1. Get your tools

2. Get your jeans

3. Remember something cardboardy to put under your jeans while you use the knife on them

4. Cut up a length off of each leg in case you want to shorten your jeans

5. Use the other cut out to help you cut the same length on the other leg

6. Remember to pull out your pockets so you don't cut them

7. Cut horizontal stripes with the knife, but rip them with a few vertical ones

8. Enjoy your finished product!

Interior design: beautiful wallpapers

I've been looking at wallpapers to give me hints as to what I'm really finally going to do with my new bedroom. So here's a sneak peek into my secret treasures:

Outfit of the Day 8.12.2013

Today I've been feeling a tad warmer, mostly because of enough exercise, but it's made me want to wear my new shorts I told you I DIY dyed! I also added some glow in the dark yellow colour  to them on the front, and at some point when I get them, I'm going to get some studs and stud them as well. I love wearing shorts these days. Here you can see a tad of one of my tattoos as well...

Pink, violet, mint and a lot of goth

I don't care how controversial or annoying they are to "true" goths, but I love pastel goth style!