Today's DIY: Midcalf ripped jeans

I had the inspiration today to do something to my old black jeans that don't really fit well anymore, they're a bit too big, but still not big enough to use as baggy jeans, so, I decided to rip them up and make them into something new. I'm still going to take the seams in a bit, so they're a bit more skintight.

1. Get your tools

2. Get your jeans

3. Remember something cardboardy to put under your jeans while you use the knife on them

4. Cut up a length off of each leg in case you want to shorten your jeans

5. Use the other cut out to help you cut the same length on the other leg

6. Remember to pull out your pockets so you don't cut them

7. Cut horizontal stripes with the knife, but rip them with a few vertical ones

8. Enjoy your finished product!

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