Outfit of the Day video 15.2.2014

As I haven't gotten the energy to go and take a photo, you're just going to have to bear with me on this bare video with only scratching noises! Sorry xoxo <3

More DIY shirts

Second photoshoot part 1 with Jari B Miettinen

These are some of the photos from my latest photoshoot with Jari Bernhard Miettinen +Jari B Miettinen , amazing photographer in my opinion, gave great directions and really complimented me giving me a much better confidence in the situation!

Link Your Blog Winners!

So I finally managed to get this done, and trust me, it wasn't an easy task. I wanted to pick just three from all categories, so I had to drop a few really good blogs to get just three. You were all amazing and have great blogs and I wish I could talk about each and every one and give links, but I chose three from my three categories and will stick to that.

First the under 16-year-olds

In Blossom
In Blossom was attractive to me not only because of the obvious Japan-interest but because it also is a young girls political blog. She's not afraid to show her opinion on very flammable subjects such as racism and I find that extremely endearing. Also I very much like her DIYs because they're easy to recreate and do and not something unnecessarily difficult.

Touhukasta Elämää

Though not quite interested in the subject matter, this young girl takes the most amazing photos of her pets and that's what attracted me to it. It's the cutest blog from such a young girl!


Unbelievably talented young lady writes a photography blog. She's such a talent with the camera that I can hardly believe she's so young! She really deserves to win something here, because of her artistic abilities and her eye for a good photo!

Then the 16 to 20s


One of the most artistically talented people writes this blog. I can hardly believe how well she draws and takes photos, but I suppose as an art student she has to be talented! Definitely a blog worth a prize!

Vanity Clouds is an amazing scene inspired blog and close to my heart because of it. The hair colours, DIYs and music inspiration that comes from reading her posts of everyday life is wonderful and I am little jealous of her (especially of her lovely piercings)! Sadly I can't show you her banner, since she has a right click block on her blog which irritates me slightly.

The Hell of Everything

The blog about everything really is a blog about everything, but these two ladies (yes  I know one of them is over 20) make everything interesting, and I mean _everything_. I love reading every post they write about and wait for new posts like a kid waits for the candy day. 

And now the over 20s 
 (by far the most difficult category, I had to drop some amazing blogs)

Pin the Fuck Ups
A blog of three beautiful women with amazing sense of humor and real lady power! If you want great photos, amazing tattoos, fantastic attitude and a whole lot of sarcasm and feminism, this is the right place for you! Pinup in onesies and strength in being a woman are for me the high lights of this blog. And the writers are the sweetest ever <3

Leeri Leopard
This young lady writes about everything and her attitude is fantastic. A student and an alternative blogger, she's a fantastic read! Artistic qualities galore in a science lady, makes the world a much better place - that's what she does, gives light to a dreary day (and you can learn a lot in the process)!

Hibi Gibi

Attitude, great hair colours, loads of inspiration and student life, Hibi's blog is an awesome read. She's a smart woman with great taste and a fantastically quirky smile! I love her writing, her hair and again her piercings...always wanted a septum...

All the winners get something small for a prize from me, so if you want your prize, please contact me on my email frankie.s.savage(at)gmail.com with your name and address so I can send you the prize. I ship internationally so all you Germans, don't worry, you get them too! 
If you're afraid of giving me your address, then don't and you won't get a prize, but that's okay, I still love your blog and you've deserved your win!