The Finnish Day of Independence!

So today we're celebrating our national day, and though I am glad I put Tampere behind me for a while at least, I am sad of not getting to see the gala close by. I live 40 km outside of Helsinki so that would be doable, but travelling 200 km while still sick....yeah not gonna happen.

But I will have my wonderful ex coming for dinner, we'll eat raclette, which for me as Swiss isn't all that interesting and I do prefer a good cheese fondue, but raclette is a wonderful party food. It's really a conversation piece and it's so much fun asking people to give you your things off of the hot plate.

I didn't get a blue and white candle this year. I didn't get one last year either. I don't really celebrate the 6th. Not because I don't feel it important, I am Finnish as well as I am Swiss, but the 1st of August means more to me than the 6th of December. Possibly because my mother passed away on the 7th five years ago.

But I wish you all a wonderful national holiday and a great time partying and checking out the dresses of all the guests on TV!

Outfit of the Day 6.12.2013

You know today is the independence day here in Finland, and I just decided I needed to wear something a bit nicer than my trashy horrid attire I usually wear at home (which I will show you at some point...maybe). I didn't want to wear white and blue, because today is also Santa day in Switzerland, so we're doing our little Pre-Christmas party today with me, dad and my ex. Eating raclette and having a lot of fun with very dark humour.

So I wanted to be a bit christmas-y. so I decided to wear this beautiful red dress I found at a thrift store for like 7 euros, which is very cheap here and the quality is amazing. Shame I'm freezing like mad, so I needed to put on my dad's old army pullover over it afterwards, so now I'm wearing the dress and a black woolly pullover, but it's still pretty, because it's a nice v-neck pullover and really warm!

Oh and that's a unmakeupped me. I haven't put on make up yet, so that's me with nothing on whatsoever. Also I have really damp hair still, because I took a shower this morning, and if I use a hair dryer I get a nice lil afro. Doesn't suit me well.

Some home workouts - both easy and difficult!

What helps me with cardio workouts is listening to songs that make me really angry or worked up, like hc punk or something similar, something that has rhythm and melody but is really fast and has anger in it! Makes me want to run that distance!

All Leda Monster Bunny

Like I said, I'm a huge Leda Muir fan, I love her youtube videos, I think she's the cutest thing ever and has a big heart, even though all the hate she gets. I think it's ridiculous to hate someone that nice. She really is sweet and nice to people, it's quite lovely.
Love her.

Sixth Day of Christmas: Pine cones! DIY

Now here's a really easy DIY for all of you out there! And this one I definitely will be doing for Christmas. It's painting your own pine cones, isn't that just the easiest thing you've ever heard?
If you don't have spray paint, then don't worry, get a bit of some other paint and maybe a big brush and spritz them! Or dab them with glue and throw some glitter on!

Original DIY tutorial for glitter cones found here: The Wilson World