Transplant and living with one

I don't think I've written about this thus far, and this is going to be relatively short. I assume some of you have questions regarding the situation but are possible to afraid to ask (don't worry, I'm find with talking about it). When I was 10 I was diagnosed with dilating cardiomyopathy, which basically meant that my heart grew bigger and bigger untill it was the size of my chest cavity and didn't pump enough blood through my body. Heart meds helped a bit and I was on them for about nine months before I crashed.
At that point I was put on the transplant list and viola, after five hours I got my new heart. It took some used to, it hurt like hell after the operation and getting back on my feet was quite a task since I hadn't been allowed to really move myself in the previous year, but all in all the operation and everything went really well and I haven't had any rejection. Which is super.

However, as it comes to restrictions. Many have asked me if I can do the exact same things as other people and without a few exceptions my answer is always yes. I have a healthy good heart now, so I can move about and exercise as much as I please (should do more than I please but nvm that now).

- I have to eat medication every morning and every evening to prevent rejection
- I have to eat other medication as well to prevent side-effects from my antirejection meds
- I cannot eat raw meat due to the danger of toxoplasmosis
- I cannot travel to countries that require a yellow fever vaccine since the vaccine is a live one and I'm not allowed to get live vaccins since I probably would get the disease from them

That's it. That's all my restrictions. Does it sound bad? For me, not really. I can easily live without eating raw meat and most of the places in the world I want to visit don't even have yellow fever so that's all settled.
The only real annoyance is that I always have to know what time it is and when I have to take my meds, 'cause I can't miss a dose. So extempore travel is out of the question. Thankfully I'm not really an extempore person anyways, so it's not too bothersome, but it does take away from my freedom. However, I am still alive and that's all that matters!

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OOTD for the Spring Day

I absolutely love this dress I got at HM a few weeks back, it's just so beautiful and goes with everything. And it's perfect in this weather, not too cold and not too hot!

Plus I just love lace...

It's a Beautiful Spring Day Today