OOTD and my two sided septum!

I decided to punch myself my septum again, because I missed it...this time it's not crooked, but I ended up dropping the ball on the floor (can't find it anywhere) and so it has one ball and one spike now. Oh well.
And look how blonde my hair got! I never thought it could go that blonde. Still not sure if it suits me, but hey, there's always a first for everything right? Next it's gonna get blue!

What would you like to read?

I've come to point that I write about the same things over and over again, and though I love doing this since this is just too much fun to quit, I feel like I could possibly write about something else as well. But I think I'd first like to ask you guys, what would you like to read? Do you have any special topics that especially interest you or specific topics you like reading about in other people's blogs or even write yourself?

Would you like me to write about something in particular? 
Do you have any questions?

My Cheshire Cat Shirt

So a on Tuesday last week I decided to have some fun with t-shirt printing again. I haven't done this in such a long while - mostly due to not having a good shirt to work with - so I've been itching to get something done! This time I found this beautiful and soft white pullover with see through sleeves from Gina Tricot and immediately knew what I wanted to do!
I didn't find the picture I was looking for, but I found a good enough replacement and finally have my own Cheshire Cat shirt!

I cut the print to fit better and then just used our iron to put it on the shirt - like it says on the package.

Do you guys do this too? What's your favourite printed shirt?