OOTD and my two sided septum!

I decided to punch myself my septum again, because I missed it...this time it's not crooked, but I ended up dropping the ball on the floor (can't find it anywhere) and so it has one ball and one spike now. Oh well.
And look how blonde my hair got! I never thought it could go that blonde. Still not sure if it suits me, but hey, there's always a first for everything right? Next it's gonna get blue!


  1. I think the blonde suits you. But I always had this question in mind, when I had mine blonde, too. :D But unlike with you, it didn't suit me :D

  2. I love that Pusheen shirt! And blond suits you very well!

  3. How are you ?

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  4. ai saatana :0 eikö sattunu perkeleesti? moi tulin vain ilmoittautumaan >:3 t. mielipuolinen

    1. Haha eipä oikeestaan, vähän kirpas ja silmä alko vuotaa, mutta kun menin ihan vaan ihon läpi, en ruston, niin ei sattunu niin pahasti. Mooi hauska tavata!

  5. Septum näyttää tosi kivalta! :D Sopii sulle hyvin!

    ~ Frillycakes ~