Today's thoughts and workouts

So today I decided to get back on track with my exercising and weight loss, though I haven't really lost the track as more levelled into a track I don't want to be in. However, it's never that simple, because let's face it - the amount of sedatives I'm taking could keep a T-Rex asleep for three days, so how on earth am I going to have the sheer energy to even lift myself off the bed, let alone some weights to add?

I constantly feel tired, I feel like all I could do this moment is just sleep sleep sleep, and that's really all I want to be doing when it's this cold and dreary. I hope very much that it doesn't stay like this for very long, otherwise I'm seriously going to lose it. And I've basically already lost it, kinda why I'm in this mess in the first place.

It's also not the simplest way to try and motivate your weight loss when half the time you keep staring at a bottle of 40 proof and wishing you could just down it in one. Now there's some unnecessary carbs for you, way to go. The cheapo Estonian beer in my room aren't helping either, though it's not really their fault I want to drink them. I can really relate to Bugs's emotions here.

Butttt, here's my goal:

Unnatural Obsessions

I have a weird and rather uncomfy obsession with firearms. I think they're cool and though  I'd be the first to ban them, I still find them absolutely fascinating. Especially old flint locked rifles.

All photos from Tumblr.

Wednesday's Make Up for the Photoshoot

 On Wednesday I had my photoshoot, which you are going to get photos of at some point next week(!), so I dressed up and put on some make up. I still didn't have lipstick at this point, because the cold weather makes my lips into really scabbylooking things.
I also didn't put anything on my face, because of the cold, all foundations and things I put on at the photoshoot. So my make up here is just eyeshadow: Geek Chic Cosmetics' Madness, You Know Who and Inevitable Betrayal.

My (very tiny) Beauty Routine

I thought this kind of post was in order as I've gotten a few comments about my clear skin. I know most of you probably use some sort of products for your face from soaps to creams, and probably every day.

I have to now come clean and say I don't use anything.
At all.

I have soaps and cleansers and creams and I use none of them. I have cleansing towels for when I've worn make up, but other than that  I don't wash my face, I don't cleanse it, I don't put cream on it except for after shower and maybe right before bed if it's feeling dryish. I also don't take a shower more often than once a week.
I do take care of personal hygiene - clean under my armpits and so on, but as we have hand showers in the toilets in Finland, I don't need a whole body shower every day. I also don't go to places or get sweaty most days, so there's no real dirt gathering. During the summer I do shower more often, but without soap.

I am really bohemian when it comes to this sort of thing. I believe in the natural flora of my skin, my good bacteria, doing their work well, and thus I don't think cleaning them off is a good idea. If I wash my face and my body too often, I can't easily go back. I prefer using as few products as possible and as seldom as possible. For me, this has worked. I don't get bad skin, and it's most of the times not too dry or too fatty, just ordinary.

Any comments? What do you guys do for your skin? Do you think it's disgusting that I don't wash and treat it that often?

It's So Cold Out There

It's -20 degrees centigrade here and it's really cold indoors as well, which is why I haven't been online and haven't posted  anything in days. It's just way too cold to sit by my computer right now and I don't have internet or a mouse for my laptop which is in a warmer room.
So yeah, first time since I started this blog have I skipped a day, or two to be precise.

Here are some photos from outside, when I still dared venture there...