My favourite alternative models at the moment I

1. Audrey Kitching

2. Vanessa Wolfsbane

3. Pandora Le Train

4. Linn Eklund

Finger tattoos

I want to get some so badly, but I'm not sure if I should, anyone want to help and comment?

Cleaning out my closet

Not really. Just my entire room. And my dad's room, since a lot of my stuff was still in there after we switched bedrooms. A lot of his stuff was in my room as well, so we took the entire evening into cleaning out both our closets, and trying to make the most of it even though my dad's neck is a pain in the neck (ha ha) and I'm sick with just  common cold now on top of everything bloody else.

Anyway, I'm slightly starting to feel like my own room is my room really, and not just my parent's old bedroom. It's really coming to me now, and it feels really good.
I burnt a scented candle and some aromatic oils in there as well, and it smells so good. It's like an orangerie in there now, such a beautiful mixture of bergamot, rose and orchids, and I've put up some paintings and photos up on the walls and feel much more comfy in there now.

Oh and I found some really old photos and frames of my dad as a baby and my Swiss gran, and it's awesome, I get to keep all of them and put them on my walls! I'm so happy right now.

I also have a double mattress, as in two singles on top of each other, feels really weird 'cause the one on top is bigger than the one below!
But it's okay, 'cause tomorrow I should get my new bed, and then I can put both of them on there, the smaller one on top.

Mail came today for me, a few packages from the UK, one from Forever 21 with two shorts in it, and one from Osiris with loads of stuff in it, going to show you later both of them, but not today, not today. Also got a package from the US with Pusheen stuff in it, the cute lil' t-shirt with 'classy English gentelman Pusheen' on it and a little notepad, all from Hey Chickadee.

Now I'm going to go clean again, which is really weird, 'cause I hate cleaning...
Thankfully there's some inspiration on Youtube:

Stars far away, galaxies in the distance

Everything and anything that's Audrey Kitching

Now my second scene idol apart from Leda is of course, big surprise, the gorgeous and funny Audrey Kitching. I do think Leda with her younger years has a tad more intelligence, but I'm not one to judge from afar, so I'll put them on the same pedastal!
Isn't she just fabulous?

Tenth Day of Christmas: DIY Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

This one is from Dani Naschold, but it's such a cute DIY Christmas thing, I just had to share it!
I think you get the drift of how it's done without me explaining it ;)