30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 6 From a Low Angle

I'm just going to show you the same staircase I should from a high angle, but this time from a low angle!

Today's thoughts and being hung over

So I went partying last night. So I had a great time. So I didn't wake up at home. I feel both incredibly happy and like a huge disappointement for my father to have such a drunk disgusting little whore for a daughter.

But this could all be solved with two things a. stop drinking and b. start lying. Then he wouldn't know what a disappointing thing I am and I'd feel happy about remembering my night and the names of the people I met there. Because I met some really really nice people and would like to get together with them on more occasions! I might of course see them at the next event, who knows.

I feel a lot more depressed today than for a while, but I think that's the alcoholic disappointment speaking, rather than the actual depression. Of course it doesn't help that I'm tired, can't sleep and my stomach hurts again like there's a hell in my uterus.

Suppose I'm hung over, but I don't really know what hangovers feel like because I don't usually get them, no matter how much or what I drink. The only thing that ever gave me a headache (and it wasn't a bad one) was sparkly wine, so I'm staying clear of champagnes, but other than that I mix and match and blah and not get any hangover symptoms. Except maybe a slight trembling. But I tremble on a regular basis anyways, so it doesn't really necessarily have to be linked to alcohol.

I'm thinking of cutting my hair a bit and getting a side fringe. I like scene hairstyles a lot but don't know if they'd suit me and don't really know how to cut one myself, but I'm too cheap and too poor to go to a coiffure.

Also been keeping up on my Fitocracy account - I'm almost on level 10 and I'm super excited! I just love that site so much!

All photos from Tumblr.