Hospital Photoshoot with JBM: The Sweetheart and the Creep

Back in the Hospital

So I'm back here again, I came last night around 7 pm and haven't written anything because I've been having the most horrible stomach aches ever. Thank goodness for medication for that (they don't even need to ask the doctor).

At home I first just sat down because it was so much work getting all the packages addressed to me and all the food we'd just bought to get in the house and I was exhausted. Billie was dancing around me and she was so unbelievably happy to see me. She doesn't do that big of a dance with just dad around, so I'm definitely her mommy.

After a while of just sitting there I made us lunch. Well "made" us lunch, cause I just turned the oven on and stuck in jalapenopoppers, mozzarellasticks and some weird red chilli cream cheese things which are delicious. After eating way way too much, I went upstairs to open the packages. I got two from EMP.fi and had been waiting for them for a while now. In the first one was two bedsheet things - one with comic book sound effects and one with Duff beer on it, and also the dress I'll wear on my birthday. It's so beautiful - galaxy print, heart cut back and v-cut front. I love it so much!
In the second one were shorts with these clasp things that you can attach socks to, a way too small lolita skirt and really lovely red glitter leggings. I took them here with me.

Then I just slept. Just slept. Untill it was time to leave and come back here, but it was still so worth it.