30 Day Challenge - Moment I felt most tatisfied with my life

So this one is tricky - I feel satisfied with my life most of the time. Talking to my dad, cchilling with my mates étc etc. But maybe I ould say saythe day I had my matriculation party I finally became a an adult at that time and it fel amazing - even though my feet hurt since my shoes were a tad too small...

Maybe I should ask you the same question? What is the one event that made you feel satisfied with your life?

Some more lovely visitors

I just have the BEST school mates EVER! They all came to visit me in hospital, and just made my day! I am so lucky to have you guys, honestly!

Last Sunday - a pleasant evening and long night

I've been really muddled here for the last days, I've been in way too much pain to use my computer. Now I've regained control of my right hand, so I can use both for writig, which is amazing.

But, even though my hemoglobin levels were at 67 (realy low), I wsa so happy and excited to see my good friend and fellow blogger Manette from Music and My Mind
She was here at the same time as my dad, and my dad really liked her and I do hope she wasn't too scared of my dad, haha.