Black Hair Selfiemania

So I was creeped out by the weirdo blonde-paleblue mix, so I went and checked all my hair dyes and found a used black one! It was just enough to dye my hair black and here's the result! I actually really enjoy having black hair, even though I sometimes need a bit of colour in my life!

My Fluffy Little Friend

Today's thoughts on Summer and clothing

Hello there again, it's been a while hasn't it? I haven't really had anything to say, no that's not true, I just haven't felt like being online.

I have had a lot of things to think about. Firstly, I am going to Canada, though it seemed like I might not be able to. So I'm really excited and a bit nervous about the whole thing, but in a good way. I've also been checking what sort of things I could go and see as I'm spending more than two weeks in Toronto. My first stop will definitely be Canada's biggest zoo. I love zoos with all my heart and am probably going to spend two days there! There's also a huge amusement park which I really want to go to and a bookstore named "The World's Biggest Bookstore". Not to mention all the shopping and Chinatown and everything. I just can't wait.

Secondly, I've been feeling a tad better, I don't have as many panic attacks but I still got some diazepam for my trip so in case I get an attack I don't need to go to the hospital since it's outside of EU and thus more expensive for me. That's sort of making me a bit nervous 'cause just knowing I might not be able to pay for the care is giving me a bit of anxiety.

Thirdly, I've been thinking of trying to get going my own clothing line. I draw a lot, I love drawing, and I have some ideas, but I'm not sure if my talents are good enough for doing something like that. It'll be a small thing, I think I'm going to start with just t-shirts and jumpers and maybe bags. I just need to start drawing some sketches and see where I'll be able to publish them.
Do any of my readers have ideas concerning this? I mean, do you know any good sites for ordering or also printing t-shirts? Maybe even so that they do the work and I just gather up the drawings and give to them?

And fourthly, how do I get this crummy blue hair dye off my hair? I've already bleached it and it's still sticking to my hair like glue it's really weird.

Oh and my anti-anxiety pills are giving me some trouble. You know how some pills can give you mood swings and dryness of mouth and maybe some constipation. Well guess what, I'd love to have those instead of my problems. I can deal with the decrease of libido, jesus I was a complete slut before I started my pills so a bit of calming down is just good for me, but lactating. Lactating. I am not kidding. I am not pregnant and I am jesusfuckingchrist lactating.
Now it's waiting for my test results of my prolactin levels to see where the problem lies and how big the problem is. Has any of you who use pills for anxiety and depression ever had this problem?

Also it's a crappy day today, but oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better.

Small Sunshine Selfiemania

Today it's horrid and so cold but yesterday and the whole of last week was absolutely perfect weather and so these photos are a few days old but never mind that!
I just love sunshine, even though I hate when it's hot since I  sweat really really easily, but sunshine makes up for it. I've also gotten some colour on my skin now so that's awesome. I love getting a tan.

Also I tried bleaching my hair out of the violet/blue for my flight in two weeks but now I have pale blue hair. I have no idea how the blue doesn't wanna come out! Any tips?

Helsinki Alternative Bloggers Meetup

So last Saturday we had another blogger meetup, this time in Helsinki and so many people showed up it was awesome! Basically the day consisted of drinking, smoking and talking about just about everything and it couldn't have been nicer. I had such an awesome time! I really hope I can be there the next time as well.
Thank you again to Leena from http://luurankojakaapissa.blogspot.fi for organising the event and all the other lovely bloggers who came there. And also the great Juha Jyrkäs for giving us a private concert! He's a great author as well so go check him out!
And thank goodness I wasn't completely wasted and remember every last wonderful bit of the evening. Even the awful saunalike public toilets. It was gross but hey, the night sorta made up for it.

Here are some photos from the event. Some are not taken by me, so I'll put down who took what.

Leena Flinck Photography

Photo of all of us together!

Leena Flinck Photography

Leena Flinck Photography

Taken by Belsissa
Taken by Marjut
Taken by Petri

Taken by Petri
Taken by Tide (Tia)