Three Kings and Yesterday's Shopping

I would really like having a real three kings' day, but sadly tomorrow I have an MRI of my stomach, so I'm not allowed to eat anything today. Again. I am so hungry and the weirdo protein drinks made with water are really getting tiring (not even sure if I'm allowed to drink those), and yeah. Not a good day.

But yesterday was lovely, we had a great time shopping and driving around with my bf, and here's a few photos from today:

New trousers, wonderful distressed jeans

Trousers with wonderful printing

Awesome nerdy skirt!

tired unmakeupped me

Watching SG-Atlantis all day long

Art of Burlesque

I need some little help here. I'm going to have a burlesque themed photoshoot in a few weeks, and I'm not really sure what I should take with me as clothes and props go.
Do you guys have any ideas and suggestions? I've been studying photos from Tumblr (below) but have still no real clue. Help?