OOTD and my two sided septum!

I decided to punch myself my septum again, because I missed it...this time it's not crooked, but I ended up dropping the ball on the floor (can't find it anywhere) and so it has one ball and one spike now. Oh well.
And look how blonde my hair got! I never thought it could go that blonde. Still not sure if it suits me, but hey, there's always a first for everything right? Next it's gonna get blue!

What would you like to read?

I've come to point that I write about the same things over and over again, and though I love doing this since this is just too much fun to quit, I feel like I could possibly write about something else as well. But I think I'd first like to ask you guys, what would you like to read? Do you have any special topics that especially interest you or specific topics you like reading about in other people's blogs or even write yourself?

Would you like me to write about something in particular? 
Do you have any questions?

My Cheshire Cat Shirt

So a on Tuesday last week I decided to have some fun with t-shirt printing again. I haven't done this in such a long while - mostly due to not having a good shirt to work with - so I've been itching to get something done! This time I found this beautiful and soft white pullover with see through sleeves from Gina Tricot and immediately knew what I wanted to do!
I didn't find the picture I was looking for, but I found a good enough replacement and finally have my own Cheshire Cat shirt!

I cut the print to fit better and then just used our iron to put it on the shirt - like it says on the package.

Do you guys do this too? What's your favourite printed shirt?


Pink Photoshoot with Timo Otamo

I had a new photoshoot last Wednesday and here's some of the photos that were taken. More to come at a later date, but these are possibly my favourites since they were so much fun to shoot! I don't have the pink hair anymore, but I'm glad I did then, because these turned out better with them.


Today's thoughts on studying and degrees

No, I don't mean centigrade, and though it is warm outside and beautifully sunny, no again, not temperature. I mean my  BA degree, which I finally finally got in the mail today! I wrote my thesis last year but since I spent so much time in the hospital, I couldn't finish my degree before this year since I didn't have enough credit (ECTS).

I managed to actually receive good grades even though I spent so much time outside of university and thank goodness for this, because I finally feel like I've managed to accomplish something in my life! No, I don't feel bad about my life anymore, not generally anyhow, but I haven't done much in my life - which is a fact - so this does make me happier than most things. It also means that if I don't get into another school I will have just two years till my MA degree! We'll see what happens.

I wrote my thesis on medicine in literature and that is probably the line I will continue on - I really like writing about medicine and I especially like medical history which is incredibly easy to link to literature and literary history. Anyways, so that's my thing and that's what got me to this point. I think I would've been bored to death long ago if I wasn't allowed to write about medicine...

Oh and I had another photoshoot yesterday - pictures up next week I assume!

 What have you guys studied or what would you like to study? Anything specific or are you still wondering about it?

All photos from Tumblr.


Geo Coloured Lenses and MOTD

So I ended up buying these lovely lenses from http://www.geocolouredlenses.com/ together with green lenses. Both are at -1,75 so I can actually see something, which is awesome and they are surprisingly comfy on me. I usually use these one month day and night lenses which don't need to be taken out for the night, 'cause I'm just way too lazy to put lenses on every morning, so it took me a while to get these on. I'm  just way out of practice.  But when I got them on, they're just unbelievably comfortable!
They also definitely change my eyecolour, as you'll see from the photos. Really a worth while investment in my opinion! As you can see, my eyecolour is a shade of green, so the green lenses will just enhance the colour, rather than change it. But these violet lenses are really awesome!


Today's thoughts on driving cars

So I've been going to work in the evening these past couple of weeks and that has meant that I have taken our car from the garage and driven it 15 kms and back again during one evening, and you know what? I hate it.
I like driving cars usually - if the road is long, straight and broad or the car small - but short  distances and especially the whole hassle with our garage that's way too small for our car, no naha not even close to something I'd enjoy.
Actually, I managed to do relatively well the first week or so; no accidents, no hitting the wall or doors, not bumping into other cars - but still I manage to be really afraid of the whole ordeal. I mean, I'm actually at the point where I can easily say that if I have to drive that car out of our garage one more time I will get a panic attack. I start panicking a lot before I go into the car. I start shaking at the end of my work day or hours before it, knowing I'll have to drive our car. I can't concentrate on driving when I'm just thinking about having to go into the garage. It's just come to the point where I don't know how to handle the situation.
Otherwise everything's going fine, haven't had a panic attack in ages and feel really happy most of the time. It's just that damned car and garage!

Inspiration: UV Tattoos!

All photos from Tumblr.

Would you get a UV tattoo?

Cuteness Overload: Bats bats bats!

Aren't they just the cutest?

All photos from Tumblr.


My new Creepers

So here's a photoset of my own knock off Creepers - brand is London and they're really nice to wear (although the comfiness came after three days of blistering agony). I bought them off of Ebay and am super happy I did, since they really are nice shoes.
The laces were horrid and opened all the time, and after getting drunk one night I lost them, so I had to switch them to these two lovely pink laces!