Today's thoughts on studying and degrees

No, I don't mean centigrade, and though it is warm outside and beautifully sunny, no again, not temperature. I mean my  BA degree, which I finally finally got in the mail today! I wrote my thesis last year but since I spent so much time in the hospital, I couldn't finish my degree before this year since I didn't have enough credit (ECTS).

I managed to actually receive good grades even though I spent so much time outside of university and thank goodness for this, because I finally feel like I've managed to accomplish something in my life! No, I don't feel bad about my life anymore, not generally anyhow, but I haven't done much in my life - which is a fact - so this does make me happier than most things. It also means that if I don't get into another school I will have just two years till my MA degree! We'll see what happens.

I wrote my thesis on medicine in literature and that is probably the line I will continue on - I really like writing about medicine and I especially like medical history which is incredibly easy to link to literature and literary history. Anyways, so that's my thing and that's what got me to this point. I think I would've been bored to death long ago if I wasn't allowed to write about medicine...

Oh and I had another photoshoot yesterday - pictures up next week I assume!

 What have you guys studied or what would you like to study? Anything specific or are you still wondering about it?

All photos from Tumblr.


  1. Hey, feeling quiet the same thing right now....

    1. I'm sure it'll pass just like everything else ^____^