Now for something else: Punk Fashion

I've always loved punk rock, the more political the better, and thus I've always felt awe in seeing someone dressed up really in punk style. I never really did that, I went other routes but still. I love punk fashion.

Selfiemania: Morning Edition

I know I have so much school work to do, but I still decided that taking photos of myself would be more important. At least for a while. Plus I already know what I'm going to do in the school assignment, so it shouldn't be a problem.

GinaTricot Nail Polish Review

So I bought this nail polish from GinaTricot with the idea in my head that it's probably not going to be very good, but I really needed some nail polish that day, so I thought why not try. And I wasn't dissappointed!

I bought the shade 123 Blue Bug, which is actually a green nail polish that bends slightly towards yellow and brown. It's absolutely beautiful on!

+ cheap
+ good brush, easy to apply
+ good coverage, doesn't necessarily need a second coat
+ stays long (and that's saying something, cause usually my nails repell nail polish)
+ easy to find since there are so many GinaTricots
+ dries relatively fast, even with second coat on

I couldn't find any minuses whatsoever, so there you go, it's an excellent nail polish!