Weight Loss - New Starting Point

Today I decided to measure myself completely, which was easy as I'm in a hospital and there's a scale and a measuring band in the room. Here's the data that I'll share with you:

I am at the moment 75,2 kg heavy. I wish to lose at least 15 kgs, but 20 kgs would be amazing.
Chest: 96 cm
Waist: 85 cm
Hips: 112 cm

I will be checking these measurements closely while I diet. As  I said, I will be dieting healthily, so that my body gets what it needs but still loses weight.

Oh and by the way, I have now decided to go lacto-ovo-vegitarian. I won't be eating any meat at all from now on till I don't know when. I want to eat ethically produced meat (cows and sheep that have had a happy life) but I just can't afford that now, so I will have to wait till then to start eating meat again.
With one exception: we always have a whole duck for Christmas dinner. So that's still going to happen.
I will be eating eggs and milk products the same as usual though, I  would prefer to get them ethically as well, but for now not eating meat will have to suffice. At least I'm doing something, right?