Valentine's Blog Parade Countdown

For my post Lia's Valentine's Countdown on http://lia-licious.blogspot.fi/ I did a small Valentine's make up look. It's very simple, cutesy and easy to do, and it's not strong enough to scare any guys away during these few days before Valentine's! Also since Valentine's Day in Finland is called "Friends' Day" I think it's only appropriate that it's not too sexy or anything, just a cute lil make up.

I used white eyeshadow together with one blush and one dark red eyeshadow, also mascara and some chapstick and eyeliner. I used the white eyeshadow on all of the upper lid and then the inner corner of my eye to make my eye look bigger. The blush I used on almost all of my upper lid and the crease, leaving some parts white. Then the dark red eyeshadow I only used in the outer corners and in the crease.

I used some eyeliner on my bottom lashline and some on the outer corner of my eye. Then applied the mascara. I also used the dark red eyeshadow slightly under my lashline to create a somewhat smokey eyed look.

And always remember  to use chapstick! It's a must if you're going to be kissing all night long! ;)

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 9 Someone you love

This one was easy, but getting a photo wasn't! My dad doesn't want to be in my blog, so no he's in with censorship!