Day II: Food and Medicine

Food diary

Breakfast: 0,5 dl berry soup 50 kcal
Lunch: 7 tblsp mushed up almondfish 80 kcal
           ½ slice of banana bread (big mistake, hurt like h*ll to chew) 100 kcal
Dinner: 2 dl berry quark 200 kcal
            1 chocolate flavoured Nutridrink which came up five minutes later 302 kcal
All together:  430 kcal

Medicine diary

Morning: All regular medication previously mentioned
Evening: All regular meds previously mentioned

X mg Oxanest I.M. every three to four hours
10 mg Oxycontin at 14:00 and at 19:00
1 g Paracetamol thrice a day
1 pill (don't remember the mg amount) Primperan

Vomit count: 2

Exercise diary

None whatsoever if you don't count showering and retching. Also last night's panic attack felt violent enough to feel like exercise.

Day II: Firminators and stretch marks

When I was in England a week back (spent a nice eight days there and loved every second of it!), I went to Boots to check out what I always missed.
Annnnnd I ended up coming out of there with two creams. One against stretch marks (which I have so so many) and one that's supposed to firm your skin and get rid of some of that cellulite.

As I have only used these for the last three days, I can't give any absolute reviews on their ability to keep their promises.
However, I still love both creams. The Firminator is a very weird looking green lotion, smells rather nice and applies extremely well. I'm really picky when it comes to lotions since most feel very uncomfortable on the skin and sticky and yuck, but this is just fine. For some it might even be excellent! And I like the colour green, and especially this one, since it reminds me of the hand soap my grandpa used to have. All sort of retroish.

Soap&Glory Firminator!

The stretch mark cream I like even more, it's thicker, so it is a bit sticky on the skin, but it smells wonderful (very cocoay) and it really feels like velvet, so even if it doesn't get rid of my extreme stretches, it does make them feel so much nicer!


 Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

Let's wait and see it they actually hold their promises as well!