Got my CrazyFactory package today!

Finally I got my package, sad I can't pierce yet 'cause my left arm is immobile thanks to the IV in the bend...
But I did get all of the things and I'm so superduperhappyhappyjoyohsuchjoy! I'll get my septum and labret back, plus two new earlobe piercings, so everything I had before but better! Hopefully...I'm always a bit apprehensive about piercing the septum, since the first time I did it, it went a bit crooked. The second time was perfect, and I don't know if I can beat perfect!

But this is what I got:
- 10 single packaged sterile needles of 1.6
- 2 semi cirles of 1 cm diameter, 1.2, and 3&4 mm balls
- 2 semi cirles of 1.2 cm diameter, 1.2, and 3&4 mm balls
- 2 longer labrets, 1.2, and 4 mm balls

So hopefully I'll get something like this done:

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 2-4

This time I'm going to do three days at once, because days 3 and 4 are going to be answered very shortly.

Where I want to be in 10 years? 
- I want to have a child - boy or girl, I don't care
- I want to have a job that supports me and doesn't want to make me kill myself; doesn't need to be the best job in the world, doesn't need to pay the most, just enough so I don't cry myself to sleep because I have no money to pay my phone bill
- Own my own place - alright, I'm halfway there, but I don't want to stay in Finland for the rest of my life and I don't want to necessarily live in a 300 square metre house with a very small family or say just one dog if the kid part doesn't come to pass...
- In a country that I enjoy living in; sure I'll need to test a few places before I find the right place, but maybe Switzerland, Canada, Germany or Sweden? Something relatively familiar, close to my happy place and yet not Finland.

I think that's it. In 10 years I'll be 33½ and I'm not expecting to have everything by then. My health and a home are basically the biggest things, and with my health I need enough money to pay for hospital visits, so yeah. Well, not too out there I suppose, but hopefully down to earth enough to actually happen by the time I'm 34.

My views on drugs and alcohol?
Alcohol: don't drink too much, no need to be a teatotaller, but don't overdo it, it's really not healthy and it makes you look like an idiot. I speak from experience.
Drugs: this medium is too public to post my views here, I'm sorry.

My views on religion?
Religion is not needed for a person to have ethics and morals - and I don't care if you believe in God or don't believe, or what God/gods you believe in, just as long as your life's mission is not to judge others for not believing what you believe in. Okay? Okay.