The most beautiful women part 4 of 4: Taylor Momsen

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The most beautiful women part 3 of 4: Miss Mischief

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Tomorrow I'll see my boyfriend again

I really can't wait anymore. We live a few hundred kilometres away from each other, and since I don't own a car or have any money really, it's quite a hassle for me to get there. And now that he's gotten comfortable with my dad (he was a tad nervous in the beginning to say the least) he's looking forward to coming to us. And I can't wait. I'm going to put completely new linen for a double bed in the guest room, so we won't bother my dad if we have to go downstairs every once in a while. Oh the linen are beautiful, they're white with this beautiful slightly golden damasque print.

He's also  going to spend Christmas with us, so he'll hopefully stay the whole week now that he gets here. I'm a tad worried he'll find himself anxious to get away,  mostly due to his lack of social lust, but  I'm sure, I'm absolutely sure, we can work it out somehow.
He's also promised to cut up some wood, so my dad doesn't have to, and help me with shoveling snow if it suddenly starts snowing like mad.

We're also going to go see his mom and her new husband, they're absolutely wonderful people and I can't wait to give her the Christmas present I've prepared. I'm sure she'll love it, there's no way she'll hate it. And I get to see my boyfriend's niece! She's really tiny, just half a year old. I just cannot wait.
We're going to see my boyfriend's dad too maybe, if he's around. I've never met him yet and I'm sort of nervous, but mostly just curious of what he looks like and is he so much like my boyfriend as everyone keeps telling me. I may also see his new wife, but I don't know yet at all...

I'll get to show him my gran too, 'cause he'll stay for Christmas dinner and my mom's mom always comes to eat to us on Christmas eve. We've got a duck prepared for that, I'll get to oven roast a whole duck again, I love that! I love duck. I'm a bit nervous about my gran, 'cause she can be a really annoying person sometimes, and I'm hoping she won't tell her (extremely untrue) heroic tales of her life... 

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The most beautiful women part 2 of 4: Gerra Bella

Unbelievable Fashion Photography and Editing

I found these amazing photos on Pinterest and just cannot fathom how beautiful fashion can be made through the lense of a good photographer and a good editor. I am so sorry I do not know the names of the people behind these lenses, but I hope that some of you could maybe inform me and I could place their names by their photos.