Weight Loss

On this page I'll post what I posted before on the sidebar. My height, my weight and my measurements as they develop. I am trying to lose weight, but I have mostly gained weight so I won't be discriminating and only showing you the positive results.

Height: 162 cm/5'4''

Chest: 94 -
Waist: 85 -
Hips: 112 -
* at the biggest part

14.11.2014 75,2 kg
19.11.2014 75,0 kg
GW: 55 kg

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  1. My husband and I are also dieting and I found a great site called skinny kitchen.com that's filled with great, healthy recipes. Or look for me on Pinterest and check out my Weight Watchers pin. Unfortunately, there are several Susan Chapman's, but I'm the one with a pin titled Connor and Evie. Do you like to cook?