Giving up and not

I am giving up writing and publishing my food diaries, mostly because I've come to a point in my life that I feel I don't really need to post those, or so many posts a day as usual for me. This blog has some unbelievable therapeutic qualities for me, so I am not giving up on this (or on my diet), but I will try and keep it to a bare minimum.

My life is not suddenly better, but I do feel a weight slowly being lifted off my shoulders as each day passes, because each day I manage to get closer to my goals. It feels comforting. Also I think my meds are working better slowly, but I will have to discuss things with my shrink still.

Tomorrow I will go to the pharmacy again and get some more pills, on Saturday I will go clean out my flat in Tampere a bit more, on Sunday it's time for some shopping with my bf, and on Monday it's a nice little second Sunday. Three Kings, can't wait!

Three Holy Kings by Piotr Stachiewicz, for the Three Kings' Day on 6th January

Theme Day: Classic beauties - my classic make up!

Theme Day: Classic beauties - Natalie Portman

This dual citizenship owning Academy Award winning beauty is also a brilliant scientist. Born in 1981, she is the youngest of my beauties posts, but she is by no means less important than the others.

All photos from Tumblr.

Theme Day: Classic beauties - Rachel Weisz

The beautiful 1970 born English actress is known for her many roles in both movies and stage, though many remember her from her perfomances in the Mummy -movies. However, this amazing actress and Oscar winner is in my opinion one of the classic beauties of our time.

All photos from Tumblr.

Theme Day: Classic beauties - Dita von Teese

Now as we come to the newer generation of beauties, I will start off with the beautiful Heather Renee Sweet, also known as Dita von Teese. Born in 1972 she has helped make burlesque a popular form of entertainment in our time again.

All photos from Tumblr.

Theme Day: Classic beauties - Hedy Lamarr

One of the smartest women of her time, Hedy Lamarr was born in 1914 in Austria and invented together with composer George Antheil the basis of today's mobile networking. Because of her achievements in science we are today capable of using mobile phones. She was for long only celebrated for her uncanny beauty - but she deserves much more!

All photos from Tumblr.

Theme Day: Classic beauties - Marlene Dietrich

Born in December 1901, this German born actress acted both on stage and in silent films and showing what a beautiful blondine can achieve in the 1920s. She survived all through to 1992 making her not only a vision of beauty but of a long life as well. She became a US citizen in 1939, after which she also was a front line entertainer during the second world war.

All photos from Tumblr

Theme Day: Classic beauties - Greta Garbo

This Swedish born actress is one of the greatest of her time, all through her birth in 1905 to her death in 1990. She played various roles and her dark yet nordic character was a beauty of her time.

All photos from Tumblr.