Only a few pageviews to 40 000! GIVEAWAY TIME!

So as I'm nearing my 40 000s pageview I'm so going to do a giveaway! Not sure yet what it's gonna be, but I'm sure you guys will just LOVE it.

So stay tuned and remember to participate! I'll select a winner randomly so everybody has a chance to win!

I love you guys so so much and want to keep you as my readers forever, hope you'll enjoy this opportunity and stay tuned!

Throwback Thursday - whatch out for all the photos!

This is my throwback Thursday post and it's filled with photos of me over the years - the earliest are of my when I was around fourteen or fifteen, but most are from about 18 years old. After that I changed my haircolour pretty much regularly so bare with me! They're in no real order, so you can just guess how old I was in each photo, sorry. Hope you enjoy this post!

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Sunshine Selfiemania!

It's such a beautiful day outside, I just had to take some more photos. It's a shame to let a day like to this pass without some aknowledgment!

It's such gorgeous weather outside - OOTD and MOTD

Disregard the small hole in my pants, our dog scratched it there, it's really annoying. The pants are from HM and the top from GinaTricot. Eyeshadow as always Geek Chic Cosmetics.

Inspiration Art Noveau Tattoos

Inspiration Lace Tattoos