I think smileys are just too cute

I love piercings in general, but smileys are one of my favourite to see on other people. I would never  get one myself, because I smile a bit crookedly, I rarely show teeth, so a smiley would sort of disappear anyways.
But yeah, I love smileys, I think they're  super duper cute!

Today's Thinspo

DIY Jeans Inspiration II !

I did number one already, but I found so many great ideas, that I just had to do two posts on the same subject!

I'd really like a nice old cabinet

DIY Jeans Inspiration!

I have so many jeans in my closet that I hate or I have no idea what to do with, so here are some inspiration pictures for what can be done with those old and crappy jeans that no longer fit perfectly, or you just feel that they aren't really your style anymore:

Black and green hair...or maybe black and white?

I am going to dye my hair green at some point, but now that I've bleached the bottom of my hair a few times, I 'm thinking...maybe I should go on with bleaching and turn it into white? Maybe I should have black and white hair! I really find black and white hair really attractive, so maybe for the first time in my life I could go in that direction. I mean....I have already done green once. So green can wait a while.

Here's some inspiration I found to make me think of this new idea:

Some inspiration in a fitspiration place

Though  I write about dieting, and getting thinner, and losing weight, and being fit, and I post fitspo and thinspo things, it doesn't mean I hate fat people.
I don't mind fat people. I even know people can be fat without their own fault. And I know a person can be fit and have a lot of muscles and strength and still be fat AND healthy.

Fat is not the worst a person can be.

Shoulder Tattoo Inspiration

I've already got a tattoo on my chest, but it looks so lonely, that I'd really like to add something on my shoulders to make it look more wholesome. I think I'm going to go in the direction of maybe compasses or something similar, so they're identical on each side, but here's some other inspiration for tattoos on shoulders: