Tampere trip and OOTD #4

As I said in my earlier post, we went to Tampere with my bf/ex and tried cleaning out my apartment, well it's never all that simple, but we got a lot done and now it's just a matter of finding people to buy a few of my things and then getting them out of there. Also I have to go back with my dad and our bigger car for a few chairs and things. But a lot I through out and a lot a lot I brought home with me.

My entire room is filled with things now and I have to sort through all of them. With a fine toothed comb I might add, since my room doesn't fit all that many clothes that I brought home. Plus some I never wear anyways, might as well through them out to people who do want them!

I drove all the way there and back again and I was paralised for a few hundred miles haha. I'm really not used to driving. But it was fun, I'll tell you that much. Rain and no sunlight makes a good trip yeeeesss.

Here's a few pictures of today and my ginger hair, plus my outfit of the day: sleeping with sirens top and white trousers.

Thinspo of the Day

some more fitspo!

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Going to Tampere

To clean out my apartment. I'm leaving Tampere hopefully for good, though I am sad about having to move out of that little apartment. I really liked living there, although it's really not home to me. My home is here in Sipoo, far away from my studies and thus I don't feel like keeping that place in Tampere if I'm not going to use it for the next half a year, or more. I also don't want to pay the rent.

My bf/ex is coming to pick me up at ten, but it's still a while away and I have so much I should do instead of writing this blog. I'm also going to be the one driving to Tampere so please wish me luck, I hate Ring III. I also hate the motorway between Helsinki and Lahti, and I have to use both roads if I want to get to Tampere in any sort of fast way. It's so annoying.
And I've never driven his car so I don't know how it works, and I'm really nervous.

Otherwise my morning has started off relatively well, I feel quite awake, though I shiver like mad (not from cold, since I feel quite warm) and I haven't done any of the chores I need to have done before ten am.

So I'll post something later on about my apartment, show you guys in what a state it was and how it looks after we're done with it!

Twentythird Day of Christmas: DIY Tree Paper Ornament

If you've been following the series of diys here on my blog, this one will be super easy for you to do. All you need is some paper (or old empty toilet or other paper rolls), glue, possibly colour and some ribbon to tie it to the tree. If you want it exactly as in the picture, you'll need strong ribbon for the rolls, glue (possible a glue gun) and masking pin to mask the glued parts.