Going to Tampere

To clean out my apartment. I'm leaving Tampere hopefully for good, though I am sad about having to move out of that little apartment. I really liked living there, although it's really not home to me. My home is here in Sipoo, far away from my studies and thus I don't feel like keeping that place in Tampere if I'm not going to use it for the next half a year, or more. I also don't want to pay the rent.

My bf/ex is coming to pick me up at ten, but it's still a while away and I have so much I should do instead of writing this blog. I'm also going to be the one driving to Tampere so please wish me luck, I hate Ring III. I also hate the motorway between Helsinki and Lahti, and I have to use both roads if I want to get to Tampere in any sort of fast way. It's so annoying.
And I've never driven his car so I don't know how it works, and I'm really nervous.

Otherwise my morning has started off relatively well, I feel quite awake, though I shiver like mad (not from cold, since I feel quite warm) and I haven't done any of the chores I need to have done before ten am.

So I'll post something later on about my apartment, show you guys in what a state it was and how it looks after we're done with it!

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