MOTD 4.2.2014

Today's thoughts, tomorrow's photoshoot and some workout

I bought a new weight today and a yoga matt, super happy now! The weight's 16 kg so it's perfect for deadlifting and such, wonderful. I feel my muscles growing by the second!
And the matt I really needed since I have nothing and doing ab exercises on hardwood floors hurts a LOT.

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot signed up, during the day and in natural daylight, so I'm really nervous what kind of make up I should put. I should really ask the photographer also if he's got some hopes for the make up.

I'm not writing much today, I'm feeling really tired and fully exercised so I feel exhausted in all possible ways. I'm starting over with my weight loss plan, so the side bar there ->
will look a bit different from now on, since I'm seriously restarting the whole process.
I'm also on a rather unnatural diet of eggs and ramen noodles, but don't worry, I eat my greens and fruits ;)

How are you guys? How are your lives going?