Provocative Photoshoot with JBM

I had a lovely but sadly quite short (my fault) photoshoot with the wonderful Jari Bernhard Miettinen (JBM), I love how he's able to always capture the best side of me. And it was both with my emerald green dress and a small photoshoot with white lingerie. I love these photos, I think he did an amazing job.

Alternative Bloggers Finland Meet Up in Tampere

So last Saturday I did a little two day trip to Tampere to see some other alternative bloggers and have some fun with technical students, yes, I was extremely drunk. Anyway, we had a great time and here are some photos of the lovely bloggers I met there. I'm sorry for not linking to all of their blogs, it's just a huge effort and I'm on lazy mode.  But I may have to mention that I have extra many photos of the lovely Saija Sasetar of Frillycakes because we went to crash the technical students' party, and to thank the wonderful Leena from Luurankoja kaapissa for organising the event, and to  Karoliina from Bones And Lilies for letting me stay at her place for the night though I was too drunk to walk (I also lost my shoes somewhere in the afterparty).