My Steampunk Love - Kato

Warning: Images May Be Triggering!

I think she's absolutely gorgeous from the top of her head down to her toes, love her. It's the beautiful, gorgeous, amazing steampunk model Kato.

All photos from Tumblr.

Stretching and Plugging

I've been thinking  for a while now that I'd like to stretch my earlobes a bit. Just a tad mind you, not multiple centimeters, but at least a bit, so I can get a nice plug into them! I've had holes for a few years now, and feels like the time for some change. Small stretching I understand isn't even necessarily permanent, so I'm not too worried about that either. Plus, a slightly bigger hole isn't a problem in an ear.

What do you think about stretching earlobes? Or stretched piercings in general?

All photos from Tumblr.

My New Shoes

Bought this pair of lovelies from Dresslily.com and boy are they amazing! I wish the weather was good enough for me to start wearing them right now, but I think it's best I wait till it's not frozen outside anymore.

What do you think? Aren't they gorgeous?