Day XI: Food and Medicine

Food diary

Breakfast: 2 slices of ham 10 kcal
                5 slices of cucumber 1 kcal
Lunch: 1,7 dl proteinquark 190 kcal
           2 dl chocolate flavoured Nutridrink 302 kcal
Dinner: ½ cup fish soup (finally off mushed up food) 100 kcal
            2 dl cranberryquark 190 kcal
 Evening: 1 christmas star 200 kcal
               2 slices of cheese 30 kcal
Alltogther: 1023 kcal

Medicine diary


14 g Colonsoft x1
5 mg Oxycontin x2
5 mg Cipralex x1
x mg ofwhatevertheystillhaven'ttoldme x3
1 g Paracetamol x3
x mg Zyprexa x1

Day XI: Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation review

I'm a subscriber of Kauneus&Terveys for a short while now and this time I got a small sample of MaxFactor's Whipped Creme Foundation in colour 55 Beige.

First of all, I almost never even try the sample foundation I get in magazines, since they're always just dreadful for me. I don't wear foundation, ever, the only thing I wear is a really small amount of BB cream and even that only between my nose and my upper lip and on my jaw.

This, however, looked promising, maybe because I was so bored and thought oh well might as well try. And it's a good thing I tried!

I thought the colour would be way too dark for me, since I'm usually quite pale in the face and beiges are usually very dark and slightly too peachy for me (my skin is very yellow), but suited me perfectly.
It makes my skin look absolutely flawless, it's really easy to apply, goes on so easily it felt like I was painting my face and it's really really light. I usually find foundations to be way too heavy and too thick and feel quite pressured when I'm wearing them, but this, I've had it on now for almost an hour and still don't feel like my face is covered in foundation and starting to get dry. It also isn't getting dry. It's exactly as it was an hour ago.

Also, the colour beige is quite yellow and very light, so it suits my skintone exactly. I didn't even have to do my neck fully, because it just was the exact same colour! I felt amazed.

Personally, I think this might be THE foundation for me, if I ever choose to leave my Maybelline 8-1 BB cream.

Also I did myself a french braid after I took a shower, hopefully my hair will be lovely and curly tomorrow when it's dry! I love having my hair sort of curly, because it makes it look thicker without making me look like a poodle. I do get an afro after shower if I don't use a lot of hair conditioner or if I'm dumb enough to blowdry my hair after the shower...but I like having  volume in it, just not like that.